• BBC Music Magazine gives 5 stars to Excellency of Hand! 29 May, 2017

    In this months BBC Music Magazine The Excellency of Hand was awarded 5 stars. The review said some very nice things such as:

    Gamba demons Paolo Pandolfo and Robert Smith (early music’s Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid) have concocted an intoxicating brew of pieces that would surely convert the most hardened sceptic.

    Click here to read the full review

  • Telemann Editing 28 May, 2017

    Yesterday I received the first edit of my recording of the Telemann Fantasias for viola da gamba (see here). It’s really exciting to finally have my hands on it! I need to sit down and give it some careful listening, but I’m already rather happy with the sound and the playing – it isn’t always like that! Of course there will always be things that you wish you had done differently. It’s out on 4th August, so you can decide for yourself!

  • Volkskrant Recensie – Excellency of Hand 12 May, 2017

    Korte en krachtige recensie in De Volkskrant!

    Smith en Pandolfo rakelen gonzende klanken op

    Lees volledig recensie.

  • Excellency of Hand on BBC Record Review 29 April, 2017

    On 29th April The Excellency of Hand was featured on BBC Radio 3’s Record Review. Presenter Andrew McGregor said some very nice things about the recording, and mine and Paolo Pandolfo’s playing:

    “their interplay is absolutely wonderful throughout”
    “Immediately joining my favourite viol recordings it’s THAT good, a huge smile on my face listening to that”

  • Review – Early Music America 28 April, 2017

    The range of atmospheres and textures in these pieces is remarkable. The viols converse in the most charming manner, when they aren’t sharing grave sentiments or trying to outdo each other with torrents of lightning-quick notes.

    Read full review here.

  • 5 Stars in the Yorkshire Post! 28 April, 2017

    Wow! Being a Yorkshireman myself I was reeet proud to get a 5 star review in the Yorkshire Post!

    “These are performances of refinement and subtlety”

    Read Full Review



  • CD Release – The Excellency of Hand 4 April, 2017

    This lovely CD was released today on Resonus Classics. It’s mostly English divisions for two viola da gambas, and I’m most honoured that my former teacher, Paolo Pandolfo, could join me on the disk! Click here for more information.

  • New Website 1 April, 2017

    Hope you like my new website! Still getting the hang of things and tweaking bits here and there. All comments are welcome (provided the contact form is working properly…)