• Editor’s Choice in Gramophone!!! 18 October, 2019

    Great news, La Gracieuse was selected as the Editor’s Choice in October’s Gramophone Magazine!

    the music is shaped with such psychic tenderness that it is easy to overlook that we are listening to multiple people here joined in harmonic telepathy

    Mark Seow, Gramophone October 2019

    Read the full article here. Gramophone also ran a mini interview, and here’s an extract:

  • “Gruff Eruptions” – The Strad 18 October, 2019

    Here’s an excerpt from a review of the Marais CD in September’s The Strad:

    Smith is completely at home in the music’s intricate idiom; with him, embellishments – including vibrato – are always convincingly integrated into the melodic line, agogics never calling attention to themselves. His variegated handling of chords runs the gamut from polyphonic clarity in the fugal movements to the gruff eruptions of the late, enigmatic ‘la Maupertuy’.

    Carlos María Solare, The Strad, September 2019

    And here’s a link to the full article.

  • “Plangent expressivity” 5 October, 2019

    A lovely review for the Marais CD in September’s edition of BBC Music Magazine:

  • De Muziek Fabriek 18 September, 2019

    I had a lovely time on last week, on De Muziek Fabriek programme with Jet Berkhout. On the show I presented my new composition, inspired by Henry Purcell’s famous Dido’s Lament. They made a video of this with a light-hearted introduction. You can see it on Facebook via this link (no account needed):

  • Wehmütige Schönheit 18 September, 2019

    Nice review in Crescendo Magazine (Germany):

    Klänge von wehmütiger und einmaliger Schönheit, aus den Händen virtuoser Interpreten.  

    Sounds of wistful and unique beauty, from the hands of virtuoso performers.

  • “Between Metallica and Marais” 27 August, 2019

    Article in Dutch in today’s Trouw newspaper:

  • First media coverage for La Gracieuse 22 August, 2019

    On the day of it’s release, La Gracieuse was covered on BBC Radio 3’s Record Review by Andrew McGregor:

    I love this next new release. It’s a beautiful selection of pieces by early eighteenth century French viol virtuoso Marin Marais … performed with sinuous grace by gamba player Robert Smith.

    Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3 Record Review, 2nd August 2019

    More recently, on the 18th August, it was selected as Vox Nostra’s “Sunday Sonata” on RTE Lyric FM (Ireland) with host Vlad Smishkewych summing it up as:

    Stunning playing and wonderful musicianship from this ensemble of consummate players

    Vlad Smishkewych, Vox Nostra RTE Lyric FM, 18th August 2019
  • Marais Recording Release August 2019 10 May, 2019

    I’m happy to announce that the Marais CD that I recorded earlier this year will be released on the 2nd August 2019 on Resonus Classics. The editing process is now finished, and is sounding very exciting with loads of contrasts and colours – can’t wait for you all to hear it!

  • Telemann Fantasias Review – Early Music 10 May, 2019

    I was very happy to learn that my recording of the Telemann Fantasias got reviewed in Early Music journal back in 2018.

    With this recording, Smith masterfully blends introspective sonorities with bold virtuosity, capturing the very essence of the fantasia genre.

    Early Music 2018, VOL.2.
  • Marais Recording – HELP!!! 14 January, 2019

    In the beginning of March 2019 I will record a new CD of music by Marin Marais. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support me, if at all you can, by visiting this crowdfunding page (available in English and Dutch). It’s a well known Dutch arts funding platform called VoorDeKunst. This recording will only be possible with your help. In return for donations, you can receive various items, but most exciting of all will be the finished product of beautiful music, much of which has not been previously recorded. THANKS!!!

    I will record four suites of Pièces de Viole that span Marais’ entire oeuvre. The solo viola da gamba is accompanied by the basso continuo. In this case that will be a rich group of harpsichord, theorbo and another viola da gamba played by my extremely talented friends and colleagues.

    The Music

    • Suite in F-Sharp Minor (Livre 1)
    • Suite in A Major (Livre 2)
    • Suite in G Minor (Livre 3)
    • Suite in E Minor (Livre 4)

    The Musicians

    • Theorbo & baroque guitar: Israel Golani
    • Harpsichord: Olivier Fortin
    • Viola da gamba: Joshua Cheatham