Marais Recording – HELP!!!

In the beginning of March 2019 I will record a new CD of music by Marin Marais. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support me, if at all you can, by visiting this crowdfunding page (available in English and Dutch). It’s a well known Dutch arts funding platform called VoorDeKunst. This recording will only be possible with your help. In return for donations, you can receive various items, but most exciting of all will be the finished product of beautiful music, much of which has not been previously recorded. THANKS!!!

I will record four suites of Pièces de Viole that span Marais’ entire oeuvre. The solo viola da gamba is accompanied by the basso continuo. In this case that will be a rich group of harpsichord, theorbo and another viola da gamba played by my extremely talented friends and colleagues.

The Music

  • Suite in F-Sharp Minor (Livre 1)
  • Suite in A Major (Livre 2)
  • Suite in G Minor (Livre 3)
  • Suite in E Minor (Livre 4)

The Musicians

  • Theorbo & baroque guitar: Israel Golani
  • Harpsichord: Olivier Fortin
  • Viola da gamba: Joshua Cheatham

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