Live on the Radio!

On the 11th August I played some Telemann tracks live on Dutch Radio 4. You can listen back via their website:

Just follow the link and click on “luister terug”. I play three times, at 5’00, at 25’55 and at 55’00

Quite nerve-racking to struggle to speak in dutch and play this tricky music live!

CD of the week! Telemann Fantasias

The Telemann Fantasias disc was released today and it already has a stunning review from Europadisc where it is CD of the week!

Read the full review here. Below are some choice quotes… 🙂

He coaxes an outrageously beautiful, richly sonorous tone from his instrument,

Smith’s particular talent is to allow the instrument to speak with total naturalness, keeping the music rhythmically buoyant and skilfully applying subtle rubato.

Best of all are the frequent throw-away endings, which Smith injects with a spontaneity that characterises his performances as a whole. As for the cadenza-like upward skidaddle before the closing bars of No.11’s opening Allegro– it’s positively indecent!

For anyone who knows and loves Bach’s Suites, Robert Smith’s Telemann is an absolute must: no praise could be higher. Grab a copy, and relish Telemann’s extraordinary music, brilliantly played.

Telemann CD Release Concert announced!

On Sunday the 3rd September I’ll officially present my Telemann CD in the beautiful surroundings of the Cromhouthuis Museum on the Amsterdam canal ring. Of course there will be a lot of music to be enjoyed!

Tickets via:


Telemann Editing

Yesterday I received the first edit of my recording of the Telemann Fantasias for viola da gamba (see here). It’s really exciting to finally have my hands on it! I need to sit down and give it some careful listening, but I’m already rather happy with the sound and the playing – it isn’t always like that! Of course there will always be things that you wish you had done differently. It’s out on 4th August, so you can decide for yourself!