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The Excellency of Hand – Robert Smith  & Paolo Pandolfo
English viola da gamba duos. With my superb former teacher Paolo Pandolfo!!! Check out this page for more information.
Release date: 31st March 2017
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La Esfera de Apolo – Musica Temprana
Peruvian baroque music with the swinging Musica Temprana, including me on bass violin.
Release date: February 2017
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The Elegant Bassoon – Wouter Verschuren, Concerto Delaborde
Wouter plays all sorts of bassoon repertoire heroically on this disk. I play cello and viol on several tracks. The highlight for me is the huge chaconne by Swarzkopff!
Release date: October 2016
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Telemann: The double concertos with Recorder – Erik Bosgraaf & Friends
I joined Erik Bosgraaf on this great disk which includes Telemann’s double concerto for recorder and viola da gamba in A minor.
Release date: September 2016
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Conversed Monologue – Fantasticus XL
Fantasticus went super-size to record three awesome concertos by Leclair, W.F. Bach and the previously unrecorded Concerto in C for viola da gamba by J.G. Graun!
Release date: 6th May 2016
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Laudate! – Johannette Zomer, Tulipa Consort
Beautiful Oratorio by Vivaldi, Laudate Pueri! Sung by the great Dutch Soprano, Johannette Zomer. I joined the Tulipa Consort on cello. There’s a beautiful aria, Excelsis Super Omnes, for cello and soprano.
Release date:  3rd April 2016
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Bound to Nothing, the German Stylus Fantasticus – Fantasticus
Title says it all. The Kühnel sonata is a fiendishly difficult gamba piece!
Release date: September 2015
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Tartini & Veracini, violin sonatas – Rie Kimura, Fantasticus
I’m playing cello  on this disk of Italian violin sonatas from the dazzling Rie Kimura. It includes, of course,  The Devil’s Trill by Tartini.
Release date: June 2015
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Bux 10

Opera Omnia XX – Vocal music vol. 10  – Ton Koopman / Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Playing along in the beautiful cantatas with viola da gambas
Release date: 10 October 2014
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Tickle the Minikin: 17th-century lyra viol music – Robert Smith
My debut solo recording. See here for more info.
Release date: 16 May 2014
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bux 8

Opera Omnia XVIII – Vocal music vol. 8 – Ton Koopman / Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Playing along in the beautiful cantatas with viola da gambas
Release date: 29 November 2013
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Sonnerie & other portraits – Fantasticus
Beautiful French baroque music from Fantasticus. Includes the very beautiful Tombeau de Lully for viola da gamba and continuo
Release date: 2nd September 2013
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Opera Omnia XVII – Vocal music vol. 7 – Ton Koopman / Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Playing along in the beautiful cantatas with viola da gambas
Release date: 28 June 2013
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Baroque Chamber Works – Fantasticus
The first album by my group Fantasticus. Got some great reviews and “Editor’s choices”.
Release date: September 2012
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Songs of Clarity – Klaartje van Veldhoven
Klaartje put together an interesting programme of baroque fantasias played by a saxophone quartet, and some Purcell mad-songs, where I accompany her on the viol.
Release date: June 2012
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