One Gamba – eclectic solo programme

An exploration of heavy metal transcriptions juxtaposed with baroque works for one solo viola da gamba. Why? Because metal was my first love, and viola da gamba my second! I look for compositions from that strive for technical superiority and emotional intensity, where introspection is just as important as the explosion – these pieces are not hard to find in either genre – and set them next to each other, interweaving them to create a patchwork that reflects my identity as a musician and music lover!

This programme takes us on a hellish ride through the history of music, from baroque masters Bach and Marais to Astor Piazzolla, Japanese Koto music, Metallica and back again.

Listen to a live recording broadcast on Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio

Extracts from:
Telemann: Fantastias for Viola da Gamba
August Kühnel: Sonata 8 A-Dur
Astor Piazolla: Café 1930 
Marin Marais: Couplets from „Folies d’espagne“
Grégoire Jeay: La Volia 
Marin Marais: Le Badinage
Metallica: Fade to Black 
Robert Smith: Divisions
Marin Marias: Le Tourbillon
Astor Piazolla: Café 1930
Johann Sebastian Bach: Recitative „Ja, freilich will in uns das Fleisch“ BWV 244 
Antoine Forqueray: La Couperin
Yatsuhashi Kengyo: Rokudan no Shirabe
Carl Friedrich Abel: Arpeggiata
Metallica: One

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